14) Suzy Merkel

A) Welcome to my Wiki page! Please take a look at the amazing artwork, various links, and my group's gym game! You can keep up on how I'm doing with my work and critique my wiki page skills (Please be nice if you are going to critique). Hopefully you enjoy you looking at my well-worked page!

B) My links
1. Cool Math Games
2. Math Playground
3. Ducksters
4. Funbrain
5. Hooda Math
My Suggestion:
1. Scratch
2. Agar.io
3. Roblox
4. MiniClip
5. Nitrome

C) Artwork

D) Humorous Cartoons

E) Educational Video

One video I enjoy

F) Written Assignments

G) Gym Game
image (1).jpg
Game name: Hoops and Squares

Group Members: Abby and Ethan

H) Link to #15
Link to Gage Nafziger